What is the house of a car lover

This incredible house was inspired by homeowner’s passion for cars. This passion is carried through the choice of materials in design, and to such an extent that the owner’s cars are visible from many parts of the house.

The house was developed by architect Dmitry Petrov and is located in Moldova, occupies an area of ​​494.2 square meters. It consists of two main areas, including the open area below and the bedroom at the top, as well as working areas.

The first floor strives to be as open as possible with vaulted ceilings and mainly a white color scheme. Remaining the right car theme, the hall below is separated from the garage with a glass partition. This unusual choice is decorated with neutral curtains, this means that the owner’s favorite cars can actually be visible at any time. The oversized floor lamp in the hall works as the main focus, especially when the curtain is stretched and closes the garage. The floor lamp is converted into almost funny proportions, and is made in a modern style that we can see in many modern houses.

The house is made mainly from metal, glass, concrete, and ceramics. The emphasis on these industrial materials is just another way to refer to parts of cars in the garage.

Of course, not every part of the house is completely concentrated on cars. The living area below deftly separated from the dining room and kitchen with partial walls that provide separation, but also retain the space open and bright. On the ground floor there are also a bedroom for guests and a bath.

On the second floor there are bedrooms and workplace, along with small balconies and large windows.

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