Distinctive features of a new apartment for Berlusconi

One of the most influential and scandalous people in Italy in all its time Silvio Berlusconi, who recently served as the head of parliament, intends to buy a new real estate. We are talking about an apartment that a former politician wants to buy from a person who should soon act as a witness in the case of Silvio Berlusconi’s sexual adventures. It is worth noting that the former owner of the apartment is a musician from Naples Mariano Apicell, who should defend a former politician during the court.

According to journalists from the popular newspaper The Telegraph, during the hottest debates in court, Berlusconi paid Mariano Apicelli a little less than 300 thousand euros for his beautiful apartment.

The apartment has four rooms, and is located near the capital of the country in a small provincial town called Albano Latzale. As for the singer himself, he claims that this is a completely legal deal, because they signed the documents publicly, while they paid all the taxes completely. He also added that this is not a bribe, because the apartment is really very expensive, because real estate in Italy has recently been getting more expensive.

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