How to buy a land plot in New Riga

The rhythm of life in the modern world has long ceased to be dynamic and purposeful, turning simply into endless vanity and pursuit of money. More and more people feel the need to reconsider their attitude to life and move to a calm suburb. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to quit work in the city.

The Earth in New Riga is not only an excellent investment in the most reliable sphere – real estate – but also the opportunity to start a new life in harmony with nature and with oneself. What are so good land in the Moscow region in a western direction?

Firstly, the Novorizhskoye Shosse itself, also called New Riga, provides excellent transport accessibility. From the Moscow Ring Road to the near summer villages you need to go for 20-30 minutes. But even if you buy a house 100 kilometers from Moscow, you will still take no more time on the road to work than many residents of modern megacities spend it on it.

Secondly, a marvelous untouched nature, clean water and fresh air of these places are not only pleasant to the eye, but also make you look at the world differently, overestimate their values.

Thirdly, in recent years, the development of infrastructure along the Novorizhi highway has reached such heights that many cities and villages outside the capital’s region of Russia were ahead. There are shopping centers, restaurants, and sports complexes, and the social sphere (schools, kindergartens, clinics).

Your house in the forest by the river

A variety of sections are offered to choose from the buyer – near the forest or river, with a house or under buildings, in a summer cottage or a separate. Precisely cottage villages are developing especially active pace today. Typical houses have already been built in them, infrastructure has been brought up, there is protection. Everything is ready to move even now. However, not everyone is ready to live with neighbors through the fence. Someone needs to have at least a few hundred meters to the nearest housing, and that the cottage is not typical, but its original. All this can be found today in New Riga. You just have to look

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