A variety of elite real estate in the suburbs

More and more people want to escape from the noise and exhaust gases of a big city for nature. Muscovites are surrounded by eternal traffic jams, aggression, noise, smoke and was able to a large metropolitan city. And so I want warmth, sun, summer and greens. I want to remember childhood and grandmother’s village!

All this can be obtained in one simple way – having moved to the suburbs. Now developers are offered a huge number of options for various cottages, towhouses and other housing behind the MKAD line: from economical to Deluxe. It is here that you will find exactly what will suit you and your family.

Elite real estate in the suburbs is very diverse. Elite cottages are a real fashion trend of our century, which is absolutely not surprising. It can be listed for a long time. Firstly, the owner of the site receives his own house for personal use, and not an apartment, no matter how gorgeous. There is a wide scope for creativity – you can build your own pool or fantan, it all depends solely on the owner. Anyone will feel more free in nature, where you can cultivate the garden or grow unusual types of roses – in general, in every possible way indulge in your beloved hobby for the soul. Those who are looking for real solitude should choose the cottage in the suburbs, because the neighbors will be far from you and you can achieve complete harmony, enlightenment and tranquility. In addition to all this, moving outside the city is now simply prestigious and fashionable.

Most often, elite cottage villages appear at a distance of 15 km or more from Moscow, making them even more attractive for the buyer, since this distance is quickly overcome by car. And now, you are already in the city itself! Elite real estate prices range from $ 1,000,000 and to the open spaces where your fantasy and financial capabilities extend.

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