Quick -made modular buildings: Features

The rapidly vegetable modular buildings appeared on the domestic construction market in the early nineties. However, due to imperfection of the technology of proper distribution, they did not receive. Today, the technology has significantly modified. The rapidly vegetable modular structures began to differ in excellent strength, sound and heat -insulating indicators. The cost of erecting modular structures is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of building traditional buildings and structures.

The advantage of modular structures.

Today, rapidly vested modular buildings are very popular in industrial construction. In industrial construction, the possibility of rapid construction of industrial facilities is especially appreciated. At the same time, modular rapid constructions are not inferior to traditional block and panel structures. Modular construction is also very popular in suburban summer cottage construction. In summer cottage construction, not only the ability to quickly build the structure is valued, but also its affordable cost, as well as thermal insulation indicators. Summer residents usually live in such houses in the warm season, so additional insulation of structures is not even required.

Construction technology.

The rapidly vegetable modular buildings are built according to a special block structure. For their construction, a special frame is used, to which wall panels are firmly attached. As a rule, the frame of the building and wall panels are made of wood and tree -like materials, modern modular houses are distinguished by an elegant and stylish appearance.

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