Features of hotels in the city of Suzdal: which option to choose

Suzdal is the cultural pride of Russia, it is a city that has a unique architecture and a unique atmosphere. The history of this city has deep roots. This is a small town and there are more than three hundred architectural monuments on its territory, which have survived to this day.

Every year, about a million tourists from different cities and regions rush to Suzdal. Based on this, the development of high -quality hotel architecture is a priority direction in the development of the city.

Compared to Soviet times, the Suzdal hotel fund was completely transformed. The number of hotels has increased significantly. Even before the beginning of the twenty -first century there were only four of them, and now there are more than twenty of both large and small hotels.

Many of them have been built recently, but already provide a high level of infrastructure. The price policy in almost all hotels is the same. Therefore, visitors can choose a hotel based on taste priorities and habits and do not worry about their wallet.

Suzol’s hotel “Sokol” – this hotel was built in the seventies of the twentieth century and has since been subjected to multiple reconstructions. Therefore, today it provides the European level of services and residence, which can satisfy the requirements and whims of the most picky customers. Its main advantage is that it is in the very center of Suzdal, almost near the walls of the Kremlin. A little further from it is the women’s Pokrovsky monastery. It is convenient to make daily tours of Suzdal from this hotel because all the sights of the city are near her. The hotel has a thirty -one comfortable room for seventy -five main places. And besides this twenty -one additional place. There is also a restaurant for four halls and a teaspoon for fifteen people, a playground and a barbecue platform.

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