What categories can be divided by real estate buyers

Conditionally, buyers of Spanish real estate can be divided into three categories:

Potential emigrants provide the lion’s share of purchases. Many of them sell the available housing in their homeland in order to subsequently to acquire real estate in Spain, move there to a permanent place of residence, find a job or establish your own business. We can consider the acquisition of Spanish real estate as a profitable and promising investment. Many investors use the scheme for purchasing real estate to further send for commercial hire to vacationing compatriots. Also, investors often acquire that real estate in Spain, which is very inexpensive and requires investing in repair and finishes. At the end of repair work, such real estate is furnished with furniture and interior items to their liking and resold. Wealthy people who do not want to spend their vacation in hotels are looking for real estate of the highest class. The most attracted by the possibility of constantly coming to rest, stop not in hotels, like ordinary tourists, but to feel like a full -fledged master in their own house. In addition, their children often undergo training in Europe, including Spain. It is also a decisive argument in favor of the acquisition of Spanish real estate by them.

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