How to buy a comfortable house by the sea in Jurmala

More and more of our fellow citizens tend to buy a house in traditional places of rest, for example, at sea. Many prefer warm southern countries: Spain, Portugal, the Balkan coast of the Black Sea, but there are those who are attracted to the non -fire Baltic climate and such a resort that has popularly from Soviet times, like Jurmala.

The acquisition of a house by the sea in Jurmala can be considered a good investment: it is not too far (at least for residents of Central Russia, not to mention Petersburgers), has a persistent reputation of one of the most comfortable places on the Baltic Sea coast, developed infrastructure, and cultural life hits the key, and indeed the whole way of life is very close to the European.

The choice of the house must be approached very carefully so that the investments are justified. The exterior and the interior of the house matters here. In the Baltic states, as in more northern countries, they give a special preference in the construction and decoration of houses to natural materials – wood, stone, ceramic elements.

For a comfortable residence in the house by the sea, he should have an uninterrupted water, heat and power supply, so pay attention to the state of communications so that you do not have to additionally invest in their repair. The best option is when the house is connected to centralized networks, but if necessary, you can easily switch to autonomous mode, for which your own heating boiler, electrical substation and well are needed.

It is unlikely that in Jurmala you can count on special solitude, since this is the most popular jurmala resort and real estate is highly appreciated, but it is compensated by the developed infrastructure – at least you will not have to spend much time to get to the store, pharmacy or hospital.

Usually, when buying a house by the sea, its future owners are interested in the state of ecology. In this regard, the situation in Jurmala is beautiful, so you can breathe pure sea air and the healing aroma of pines, do not live under a convertedly restrained sun and swim in a cold, but very clean sea.

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