Criteria for choosing a summer cottage: what to pay attention to

I will buy a cottage, inexpensively, preferably near the river, and so that it is not far to go to the forest to go on a foot. So that the house was large and spacious, with high ceilings and huge windows. So that the front door opens on two wings, and the bell hung on top and announced the arrival of the guests with a light ringing. And there would be a lot of guests, because in my house there will be enough space for everyone.

I want a beautiful staircase to the second floor (I already said that the house is two -story?), with curved wooden railings and a dark green rug nailed to the steps with shiny rivets. I have been dreaming about such a staircase since I watched the film about Mary Poppins, she so elegantly flew up with two glasses of milk on a tray. And there should be a garden near the house, large and beautiful, in the most remote corners a little neglected, so that you can lie under the shady branches on a hot summer day and wave a huge leaf of burdock over a heated face. And in the garden, collect ripe, fragrant strawberries and put green cucumbers with pimples in a basket. Wait for autumn and stuck from the grapes of homemade wine, and then drink with friends winter evenings under the crack of firewood burning in the fireplace.

Dreams, dreams, dreams … But every dream has a chance to become a reality. If there is no summer cottage, you can buy it. If you do not like the proposed options, then the cottage can be built. To build a house, you need to purchase a summer cottage. And now any of us can make a purchase, there would be a desire, a little perseverance and hard work, to pick up money. And now I will accumulate enough money, I will buy a piece of land for myself and build a house on it. I will sprinkle the path to the house with gravel, and on the sides I will plant bushes of red roses. And every guest will enjoy the drunken aroma of beautiful flowers, drinking tea on a wide veranda.

Of course, with the purchase of the house, we also purchase a whole heap of additional problems – redevelopment, repair, arrangement of the home according to their preferences. The main thing here is not to be confused, and turn to specialists in time, because it is known that a competent professional will be able to solve the issue of any complexity as soon as possible.

Sometimes a stay in a foreign country leaves an indelible trace in the soul and there is a desire to buy a house or apartment to stay here forever. If you have a desire to purchase real estate in the Czech Republic, select the most suitable option.

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