What are hotels in Florence: Features

The city of Florence is located at the foot of the northern Apenni and is a great place to conduct recreation. This is facilitated by a huge number of monuments of architecture of the Renaissance and a highly developed hotel service structure.

There are hotels of various levels. Hotels are located in various parts of the city. The most prestigious hotels are located in the city center and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable residence of guests. The most expensive numbers are furnished with genuine objects of antiquity. The room has air conditioning, TV, mini bar, etc. D. The hotel may have a pool, tennis court or garden. The excursion bureau will offer a variety of excursions, including you are interested in a sightseeing tour of Florence.

The hotel has special conference rooms for business meetings equipped with the necessary equipment and connection. Separate spacious premises are decorated for weddings and other solemn events, while you can provide your guests with numbers reserved in the hotel.

The friendly and warning personnel of the hotel will advise you to visit the most interesting historical monuments and indicate stores in which you can purchase souvenirs and the necessary things at an affordable price.

In the restaurant of the hotel, you can enjoy the national dishes of Florentine cuisine, the main components of which are: Tuscan bread (a fried cake with a crunchy crust), meat of various species, grilled or on coals, traditional olive oil and Chianti wine. At your request, you will be delivered to the room with drinks, snacks and hot dishes from any restaurant of Florence.

Florence with its historical monuments is very popular among tourists, so its hotels are year -round populated by guests of the city.

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