What is inexpensive construction in Russia

A few years ago, thanks to the amendments to the law, obstacles were canceled by low -rise construction. What is low -rise construction? This is the construction of objects for living, the height of which does not exceed three floors. Moreover, Russians want to be closer to Europe, where high -rise buildings are not appropriate. And skyscrapers are only administrative buildings. According to state bodies, low -rise construction will become an alternative to the construction of monolithic and panel houses. The construction of such objects is promising, because the costs will not be too high, so the cost of such buildings should be lower. At the same time, the object does not need a large and powerful foundation, so earthworks will not be required. Housing will be created and commissioned as soon as possible. Low -rise buildings are most often carried out on the outskirts, in environmentally friendly places.

The state program for the creation of low -rise construction objects is already being implemented, and positive trends are noticeable. Officials have repeatedly declared all this. In order for such construction to become really accessible to ordinary citizens, it is necessary to introduce the latest technologies.

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