Features of real estate in Jurmala: what to take into account

Everyone knows that Jurmala is a summer vacation, a sea and a beautiful resort. Only a few know how the city subsides at another time of the year. The resort becomes very calm. There are no tourists, of the foreigners only local real estate owners.

Latvian twilight are something extraordinary. Just imagine the noise of the surf, warm July sunset.

Many Jurmala are familiar with the TV. It is from this resort that various television programs broadcast. If you are tired of such a noise, then only half an hour by car, and you are in the capital of Latvia.

An attractive purchase of real estate in Jurmala will become for foreigners who want to buy a house in the nearest abroad. Upon receipt of a residence permit in Latvia, you will approach the European Union. The purchase of real estate here is also very in demand by those who are interested in prestigious foreign real estate.

The climate in Jurmala is soft, the sea is almost warm, and the sun welcomes affectionate rays. It is worth saying that there may be sharp gusts of wind on the coast.

It is best to go to Jurmala in the second half of July, when the air and the sea become warmer. By the way, if you are a fan of musical projects, then you are also best come to you in July. Only there will be a lot of tourists, also singers and different celebrities. Such an influx of visitors to the resort may not like lovers of a calm and quiet rest. By the way, prices at such a time are also very high. The number of Russians who want to buy real estate in Jurmala is growing every year.

You can’t talk about the Jurmala real estate market definitely. After all, prices are increasing, then falling. Many believe that foreigners have carried out a significant impact on the development of real estate market in Jurmala, because they are the main investors.

When buying a real estate object on the sea side of the resort, it will cost up to seven thousand euros per square meter. For three thousand euros, you can buy an option on the river side.

You can trace the tendency of the popularity of undeveloped areas, which investors buy up. The cost of building a house can cost much cheaper than buying a ready -made real estate object. Therefore, it is worth saying that the construction of land for sale has declined.

In 2013, the demand for non -busy apartments has risen in price. Their cost of removing increased by fifteen percent.

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