Lila Hotel is luxurious apartments on the shore of Mobor beach

Goa Hotel Lila is considered the most luxurious hotel in the state. This is ideal for those who are used to luxury and rest in the most expensive hotels. This hotel is the only one that has its own beach. There are many sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, a shower with fresh water. The beach is decorated with palm trees. The hotel territory is very large. Well -equipped and well -groomed garden terraces are decorated with statues, from which the spirit of Hinduism blows. This is a wonderful look.

The hotel has its own golf fields. The maintenance personnel in a vast territory moves using electric vehicles. There are many restaurants on the territory. The most famous of them with Italian cuisine and view of the river. There are many shops on the lane on the lane, a disco and casino. For tourists, water transport and cars rental is also available. There are conditions for business, for example, a conference room. The hotel has a pool with a bar, beauty salon with solarium. Shops and cafes are always happy to see new customers and surprise with their diversity.

It is worth noting that there are very beautiful rooms in such a hotel. Goa Hotel Lila represents a luxurious and respectable resort vacation. Each number has a balcony that you can get from the room by pushing the glass partitions. From the balcony, a beautiful view of the lagoon-river, created artificially, with waterfalls and bright colors, opens from the balcony. This is a truly paradise corner. The rooms have a TV and a music center. Each room also has a shower cabin and bathroom. Tourists are also the service of the gym and spa service in which you can choose different procedures.

Goa Hotel Lila is located on the shore of Mobor beach. The hotel is located near the airport at forty kilometers. This hotel is a real embodiment of our idea of ​​the fairy -tale apartments of Indian Maharaja. The entire hotel is built in accordance with the style of the palaces of the emperor Vidzhayanagar. The architectural ensemble is represented from numerous pavilions and bridges. The hotel territory is decorated with lush greenery of shady parks and gardens, waterfalls and lagons. All this calls in his silent splendor to real rest and a feeling in a paradise corner.

In this luxurious hotel, rich tourists traditionally rest, who have stable prosperity and appreciate expensive rest.

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