The Shore at Katathani: Distinctive features of the hotel

Only now we arrived home! While the memories are still fresh from the tour to Thailand, I hurry to write them down here. Honestly, the first impressions of the arrival in The Shore at Katathani and the number were also not the most funny. Tired the neighbors on the flight, too loudly discussing everything they see. But in the morning everything fell into place. So, if there is a desire to save on excursions, stock up on a map, a book guide – and, go ahead on Phuket. A magnificent hotel, I can’t get it why there are enough negative reviews about it, we liked it. It was very fun.

On the advice, colleagues preferred the Shore at Katathani hotel, on his advice they bought a tourist sim card. A fairly new hotel with a very good territory built on the slope of the mountain. Obviously, the hotel has great ambitions. The hotel is so that there are a lot of cafes around. Breakfast was extremely good. Everything is very delicious. After lunch, ice cream, very tasty. One thing I can say: the pastries are awesome. In addition to regular nutrition, it was possible to take potatoes in the bar. Despite the large assortment of dishes at the hotel, sometimes you go, you go and you can’t choose anything. Animation at the hotel is excellent and tries very much, every evening they came up with a new show. There was too much interesting, everything cannot be described. I will write another time another time. The sea is simply cool, for lovers to swim with a mask a big gift will be an abundance of various fish. In my opinion, for vacation in December, this is the most suitable place

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