Townhouse – original architectural project

Taunhaus, thanks to the original architectural project, combines a country house with the amenities of the city apartment. In its structure, Townhaus is a residential village consisting of low -rise cottages, which are interconnected only by the side walls and thereby form the general structure. At the same time, each cottage has its own separate entrance and a separate area in size up to four acres, a parking place and a personal garage.

As a rule, only a vertical layout is used in Townhaus, which makes it possible to place the living room, kitchen and pantry on the ground floor. The second floor is reserved for the bedrooms, a children’s room and an office. At the same time, it is worth noting that the bathroom and the bathroom are located on both the first and on the second floor, which is very convenient and practical for a large family.

Townhaus will be an ideal solution for those who have long dreamed of moving from an apartment in a high -rise house to a private house closer to the ground and away from the bustle of central streets, but have not accumulated more money to buy a separate large suburban house.

Despite the apparent gorgege, the house in Townhaus still refers to the category of economical housing, since its area is much smaller than the area of ​​a separate house, and the wiring to the house necessary for a full life of communications is cheaper, since it is carried out simultaneously for the whole block of houses. Building materials are also significantly saved due to the general walls and roofs. Thanks to such savings, the cost of a house in Townhouse is not large and quite affordable to a family with an average income level.

Of the shortcomings of the house in Townhouse, one can name the presence of neighbors with whom it is necessary to establish good neighborly relations and the noise behind the wall, which is actually the same as in the residential multi -storey building. However, if you lived in a multi -storey building, then the periodic noise of the neighbors behind the wall and the need to greet them when you meet them will not be a problem.

Townhouse villages are equipped with all the necessary communications for life, such as water, light, gas, phone and Internet. Such villages are usually guarded, which is not at all unimportant in our restless time. For more convenience of residents, playgrounds, alleys for walks and a joint recreation area are created on the territory of the village, and the largest villages have their own medical offices, shops and entertainment centers.

All over the world for many families, buying a house in Townhouse is the first family purchase that allows the family to live more spacious and at the same time get the opportunity to save money for a certain time to buy a large house. For our fellow citizens, the house in Townhouse is the embodiment of a dream and the ability to move from a small apartment to a spacious house with a small household plot and a personal garage for a family car.

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