Kenilworth Beach Resort – one of the best hotels on Goa

Kenilworth Beach Resort is one of the best hotels on Goa. It is located on the southern shore of the state, on a fairly wide Majord beach. A hotel was built in 1985, and in 2000 its reconstruction was carried out. To date, the Hotel Hotel Goa is a modern three-story building with comfortable numbers, bars, restaurants, cafes, conference rooms, large 3-level basin, playground and pool for children.

I must say that the prices for kenilvort to some extent increased. However, this increase is quite justified, because Kenilvort is now a full -fledged five -star hotel, with a corresponding set of services and design. Reconstruction was not carried out in the rooms and on the territory of the hotel. Since the rooms are in excellent condition. The hotel boasts one of the best recovery centers on Goa, a magnificent modern gym, excellent, the largest on Goa Basin.

A new chef appeared in the restaurant, the menu in restaurants is updated, the kitchen rose to the European level. In the future, it is planned to open at the Boutique Store Hotel, where good drinks and foods will be sold at affordable prices.

Today, the main markets with which the Kenilvort Goa Hotel is German, English, Scandinavian, Swiss, Eastern European market and Indian market. First, the hotel was mainly “Indian hotel”. Here they mainly held various conferences, including a sufficiently high level. In the season of monsoon rains, the hotel was visited mainly by Indian tourists. Guests were treated in restaurants with traditional Indian dishes and t. D.

In recent years, the hotel managed to approach the European level, this applies to nutrition, service, entertainment. Currently, local citizens come here not only for the conference or in the rain season, but also book places throughout the year.

Particular attention is paid to the Russian market. Kenilvort Goa one of the first to enter the Russian market. And now 40-46% of the hotel rooms are given to the disposal of Russian tour operators. The administration intends to not only save in the next season, but also significantly increase this figure. There is still no Russian -speaking representative in Kenilvort, but all programs, ads and menu are written in Russian.

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