Features of the design of the apartment with one room

Today, many young people and young families become owners of their own housing. One -room apartments in new houses are particularly popular, because this means a place of residence in a place with good infrastructure, but at the same time at least invested funds. Of course, a young family with a child needs a larger area, but a one -room apartment is a good solution for one or two people. In this case, you still need to take into account the total area of ​​a one -room apartment, which can be both tiny and quite spacious.

The peculiarity of designing an apartment with one room is that here you need to fit all functional areas, while observing the order and leaving the scope for convenient movement. Modern apartments are sometimes equipped with a kitchen that is made in open style, that is, associated with the living space.

Of course, this provides for a good hood over the hob. It’s better when the kitchen does not adjoin the bedroom directly, although, of course, this is a matter of taste.

The hallway in a small apartment should not seem narrow and clamped, this can create a general impression of the apartment. Therefore, limit yourself only to the necessary number of cabinets or even one built -in cabinet. It is better if it is a wardrobe with mirror doors, because it does not require an additional area for opening the door, and also visually increases the area. Try not to hang various mezzanines and shelves on top, they narrow the space quite strongly. Also use light tones for wall decoration. It is better if it is a paint without a pronounced texture, because the wallpaper with the pattern is already slightly reduced visually space.

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