In which area Donetsk is best to buy a house

The best option for buying a house in Donetsk is the center. The infrastructure, many schools and kindergartens, establishments and an excellent transport interchange are well developed here, thanks to which you can leave at any end of the city by public transport. But many prefer houses outside the city, or far from the central fuss. You can see beautiful houses in the world, photo on the site.

Most people believe that it is more profitable to buy or sell a property without intermediaries. You only save money, but not the time. It is also quite realistic because of this to fall into a trap of unscrupulous buyers/sellers.

Such an example can be given. You picked up a great option for buying, came there, it would seem, your dream house. You examine it in daylight hours. The house is located in the city center, all communications are connected. You buy it without any doubt. As soon as you sit down, a surprise awaits you. There is almost no voltage in the house, not all sockets and switches work. You can, of course, contact the housing office, but there is little to help. The next option is the court. But the processes are delayed for a long time and require large financial costs. You will not be able to sell it either, after all, why be the same unscrupulous seller.

Therefore, many recommend seeking help at real estate agencies. They will definitely check everything, help to deal with the legal aspects of the transaction, and you can apply to them in case of your dissatisfaction with a claim.

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