Reasons for the difficulties of construction on a land plot

The reasons for difficulties with plots for construction, which may arise in the Yaroslavl region, in another. Earlier in the regional center and some areas, a large number of sites at auctions were allocated and sold for the construction of housing. But not everywhere work began on the development of these areas. The whole reason was the crisis. But the authorities will not wait years to restore financial viability of potential developers. As the head of the region Sergei Vakhrukov said, there are 2-3 months to decide what to do with such organizations, since you need to stop such a practice, and actively implement projects at decent venues.

The problem of unusual sites is also very relevant today in the village. More recently, there was a boom in the transfer of agricultural land to the land for settlements, the purpose of which was supposedly the future housing construction. But, as soon as the documents were executed, 80% of the owners of these sites changed their minds to build real estate on them, and the land began to be capitalized and then sold by pieces.

Sergei Vakhrukov believes that the situation needs to be broken, otherwise most sites will be so, and there will be no place for development within the boundaries of settlements.

To completely resolve the apartment issue in the region, it is necessary to build 2.3 million. M2 housing. Of these, about 370000 “squares” are required to resettle dilapidated and emergency buildings, and almost a million is a social need. About 700,000 m2 is necessary for people wealthy, but those who want to have more comfortable conditions.

The authorities are going to carry out an ambitious task in five years, increasing the year of year construction. The head of the region believes that in order to accelerate the rate of construction, it is necessary to build more economy class housing.

He explained that today expensive housing is more often erected, and even built houses then often could not surrender. Developers see that there is no demand for apartments, and they are in no hurry so as not to throw off extra money. That is why housing should be of different price categories, and the developers need to aim at this.

Also, housing should be different and by numbering. To the acquaintances already 15- and 17-storytakes in new microdistricts, it is necessary to add at home a couple of levels, individual buildings will not interfere with which demand is growing every year.

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