Hit parade of unique hotels in the world: how to choose

A survey was recently conducted among tourists of various countries, which resulted in a list of the most interesting memorable hotels in the world.

When putting assessments to this or that hotel, travelers took into account many factors. The first place is rightfully belongs to the hotel located in the UAE in the famous Dubai. Hotel name – Fairmont Dubai. What is an interesting hotel: it often holds all kinds of business meetings, international conferences and negotiations in it. But all this goes not only in the hotel building on any of its floors. A business meeting in Fairmont Dubai is also possible … on the roof of the hotel! There are two huge pools equipped with all the amenities for, oddly enough, it would be said, conducting various business events right in the water.

New York will help you spend the night or arrange a business meeting in one of your unusual hotels, such as in Dream downTown. The hotel is decorated in a futuristic style, so everyone who has visited it will feel like in a spaceship. The second well-deserved place in the hit parade.

Third place is the French exquisite Hotel Chateau Frontenac, whose building belonged to Louis XV in its time.

4th and 5th place also divided among themselves Brazilian Ariau Amazon Towers and Tokyo Sauna & Capsule Hotel Fres Inn Sugamo.

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