Varieties of villages on Yaroslavka: which option to choose

Every person in our time wants to spend his leisure well, coming home after workdays. Modern citizens began to deal with the problems of the life of the metropolis several years ago. Noisy dirty streets, with an ongoing stream of cars, exhaust gases that penetrate the apartments, the inability to feel alone, and constant repairs or holidays of neighbors.

Today, many have the possibility of alternatives, one of which was the country village of Yaroslavl highway. About an hour on a car – and you are in the house, surrounded by fields and forests, clean air and city bustle. I want to return here and if the work also brings satisfaction – you are lucky.

Cottage villages of elite real estate about the villages of economy – class – a perfect place for the life and rest of those who appreciate their spiritual health. Why, having decided to buy a cottage, it is worth paying close attention to the villages located on the Yaroslavl highway?

The fact is that these are the current developers, erecting villages of the 21st century simultaneously with the construction of houses, lead to them the entire modern infrastructure. This includes not only compulsory power supply and gasification, it is also a whole chain of entertainment for adults and children, like children’s and sports centers, cartridges, private aeropoluses, workshops, dry cleaning, shops, warehouses and cozy cafes. The need to go to the city, to solve household problems and problems, there will be no.

All houses, in the territory of villages, two -story ones, are built on different projects, each has its own architectural features. The layout of each house includes a large comfortable kitchen + dining room, spacious living room, roomy hall, up to 6 bedrooms, from 2 bathrooms.

The houses are equipped with gas boilers, with a heating system connected to them, this will maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, despite the weather on the street.

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