Is it worth buying a summer house for living in SNT

It’s no secret that the problem of housing in large cities is very acute. Prices for apartments are rising, and the ability to buy them is reduced. People are looking for options to equip their housing, as well as be in a convenient place, so that it is easier to get to work.

If someone rollerly decides to buy a house in a suburbs in which you can register, then others have no such option. But accessible to them can be SNT sections. They are inexpensive in price, and you can build a house there for housing. But only it is impossible to live officially there, since there is no registration. And as you know, without a registration, living somewhere for a long time is prohibited.

Nevertheless, many elderly people do not look at this ban and calmly live for 5 and 6 years in country houses specially made for winter accommodation. At the same time, no one can present anything to them, since it is impossible to confirm prolonged residence outside the place of residence. Therefore, they, it turns out, live more than one year. But there are also minuses: the inability to get mail. And mail is sometimes necessary for sending important documents or for receiving or sending funds. What to do in such cases? But it will be difficult to solve here, you need to somehow receive documents at your main place of registration. Just once a year go to the place where you officially live. In the latter case, it will be difficult to do this, since a person can live in 3 days of driving from home. For example, it is officially registered in Vladivostok, and lives in Moscow. Thus, difficulties arise.

If you want to strongly, then it is possible to live in SNT, but for this you need to lose some amenities. For those people who are not fundamental, you can do without them. There are really problems with housing in large cities, sometimes you should think non-standard to purchase something not particularly expensive and affordable for your own residence. Someone, for example, manages to live in agricultural places. Moreover, they do not produce any buildings, but simply put a trailer or trailer on the site. Moreover, they are able to live for a long time in the territory without causing any complaints to themselves.

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