What are Finnish frame houses

Against the background of other modern methods of suburban construction, strong and warm frame Finnish houses from the beam are especially distinguished.

This design in shape resembles a honeycomb, since the intersections of the racks and wood beams form a strong frame or frame, fastening all parts of the house. The work uses processed natural wood, which is impregnated with antiseptics and means that protect from fire.

The frame endows the structure with excellent rigidity and good resistance to soil fluctuations. The buildings of this type are extremely warm and due to modern insulation materials are not exposed to the surrounding climate environment. The walls are fairly reliable panels of various protection.

Highly effective mineral insulation contributes to excellent heat – and sound insulation, the thickness of which is selected, proceed from the climatic conditions of the area. For frosty winters of the northern latitudes, 25-27 centimeter thermal insulation will be required, which is quite comparable to a brick wall of one and a half meters. These technologies have discovered the possibility of economical acquisition of housing and its long use.

The life of this structure can reach a hundred or more years. The aesthetics of buildings from a calibrated beam allows residents to do without internal decoration work. Impeccable surfaces do not need to be additionally designed.

Planning of premises and design suggest a lot of a wide variety of variations. Reliable and warm frame houses on the basis of a wooden beam are today, the best alternative to any sowing of the suburban buildings of our time.

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