Advantages of the purchase of Townhaus: what to pay attention to

Many Muscovites are obsessed with the desire to purchase their house in the cottage village. It can be a townhouse or duplex for two families, a cottage or just a house. When desires are akin to opportunities, you get square meters in comfortable and modern housing.

Townhouse on the Yaroslavl highway

Many residents choose Townhaus on the Yaroslavl highway. Such houses with adjacent walls are located one line and are designed for several families. The buildings are similar to the usual apartment building. Only living space are located not strictly one under the other, but from all sides. The family usually has a living area of ​​several floors. A small land plot adjacent to each house. Here you can organize a flower garden, kindergarten, lawn. The main idea of ​​Townhouse is associated with the combination of the comfort of urban housing with a small land plot. All communications have been carried out in Townhaus, a bathroom and a toilet were equipped.

Convenient infrastructure

Townhauses are organized in separate cottage villages. The entire territory is raised by a fence, has good access roads and a checkpoint with security. A private store, pharmacy, cafe can be located on the territory of the village. Nearby is the laundry, private kindergarten and private school. Buses or minibuses run to the cottage village.

The advantages of town houses

The advantage of the Townhouse is:

– combining the comfort of urban domestic advantages with the expanse of suburban housing;

– prestige;

– Excellent conditions for living and recreation in the fresh air;

– the presence of a cellar, basement;

– the presence of a small land plot;

– the possibility of arranging a gazebo, swing, a portable pool;

– the possibility of cooking in the nature of barbecue, barbecue, sausages;

– The practical placement of the kitchen and household rooms on the ground floor and sleeping rooms on the second;- the lack of a common stairwell with the neighbors and the total entrance.

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