What are hotels in Ivanovo: how to choose

On the banks of the River Breaking is the glorious Russian city of Ivanovo. It has long been famous for his girls. It was even called the city of brides. Now, in principle, nothing has changed. Compared to Moscow, this is a very small town, it lives a little more than four hundred thousand inhabitants. But this does not prevent him from developing, both cultural and in production.

Recently, more and more people who wanted to cooperate with local organizations or promote their own business throughout Russia have come to come to Ivanovo. Naturally, such hard workers, and ordinary tourists need to stop somewhere. Ivanovo hotels offer various, as well as the quality of the rooms. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find five -star hotels with the system here, but the solid three -star is quite real.

It is best to order a hotel room in advance, because sometimes it happens that the city is simply captured by visitors and just nowhere to stay on such days. If you think that every local hotel is somewhat reminiscent of hotels in the Soviet period, then you are deeply mistaken. Now these are modern residential premises in which there is everything that is necessary for the convenience of customers.

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