Hotel Egerton House: Where is it, how to register a room

Hotel Egerton House is located in one of the most fashionable and famous areas of London Netstbridge, which is well known to shopping lovers around the world: it is here that the famous Harrod store is located. This area is famous for its special beauty, thanks to the beautiful architectural ensembles and luxurious Kensington gardens.

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Nearby are one of the most popular attractions of the British capital-the Historical Museum, the Victoria and Alberta Museum and Hyde Park. But not only the unique location of the hotel makes the guests come here again and again.

Perhaps the name House Hotel speaks for itself. From the first minutes you feel here relaxed and pacified, thanks to the warm -to -date reception and attention from the side of the entire staff.

You will be pleasantly surprised not only by a glass of champagne in the lobby, but also by the atmosphere created in your room: lit candles, good music, fresh fruits and delicious chocolate. Each of the 30 rooms is made in an individual style characteristic of a private residence.

In each of them, homely is comfortable, thanks to wonderful textiles, furniture and decor elements. In addition, all of them are equipped with the latest technology and amenities typical of a five -star hotel, which will allow you to forget about all the worries and only enjoy your stay in Egerton House.

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