What unusual services are provided in the hotels in the world

Travel lovers classic set of services of five -star hotels are so familiar that it is unlikely to leave bright memories in memory. But some hotels are able to surprise with their service even the most sophisticated tourists, delivering a lot of impressions to the guests with their unusual services so that they want to return here again. For example, in the American elite Hotel Posh Inn located on the picturesque coast of California, guests can chat with a real shaman. Everyone can use this service in the hotel spa to restore their energy balance and get rid of negative thoughts. Many hotels offer a list of various services for guests with pets. But Hermosa Inn in the United States supplemented it with an exclusive spa procedure. Its unusuality lies in the fact that professional massage is performed not only by the guest of the hotel, but also to his pet. Of course, convenient for relaxation, glad to tourists and in its own way is the original mini-hotel Samara, the prices for accommodation in it will pleasantly delight tourists who have arrived on a visit to this city.

In London, at the ANDAZ Liverpool Street hotel, special employees before going to bed revere your favorite fairy tale so that the dreams are colorful and interesting. Thus, everyone can return during a carefree childhood and again feel like a child. In the four -star Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, the hotel workers in special thermal cakes will warm you up a bed.

The Fairy of the Barnsley Gardens Resort Hotel in Georgia spreads champagne with chocolate and decorates numbers with pink petals. Brazilian Hotel Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi saves the time of its customers by the services of a helicopter taxi. Avoiding road traffic jams and saving time, guests will be able to get to any end of the city to get acquainted with sights, and at the same time admire the remarkable views of San Paulo from a height. Arriving in Moscow, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, how much the hotel in rubles, can be found on the Internet should become a mandatory place for visiting you. In Florence, at the elite hotel Palazzo Magnani Ferroni, they decided to make tourists rest not only convenient, but also aromatic. Before setting up the number, the apartments are fumigated by the aromas to which the guest prefers. The preliminary question of visitors about individual tastes and wishes helps to guess with the choice.

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