Townhouse – unique blocking buildings

Of the latest types of buildings, blocked buildings should be highlighted – Townhai. You will not find old Townhouse, because until the present time their construction did not practice.

Such buildings are very common abroad, so foreign projects and construction technologies are often used for buildings.

The construction of this type of housing is currently engaged in firms that specialize in the sale of economical buildings. The main aspect of savings is the compactness of the whole complex, due to the fact that neighboring buildings unites common walls and communications. The size of the site can be from one to three hundred. We use a more economical option in our camp – frame.

Small houses with three to five rooms are popular, sometimes a garage is built into the structure for people with their own transport. Townhouse is usually placed according to the outskirts of cities and village areas, counting on not very wealthy citizens. The price of such a building ranges from 400 at. e. up to 500 u. e. per square meter.

In the end, I want to notice that the market of blocked houses is aimed at those who are looking for an inexpensive finished dwelling.

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