How to draw up a lease agreement in Moscow: what to take into account

The rental or rental contract in Moscow is drawn up using the realtor directly between the tenant and the owner of the apartment. Such contracts are almost never certified by a notary. And if one of the parties does not know in the Russian language, then the contract must be drawn up in Russian and English. Also, there is a confusion between the terms rental and hiring. Under hiring, in accordance with applicable law, it is understood that the room is removed for its own needs. And concludes if the contract is drawn up between individuals. And in the event that one of the parties is a legal entity, it is necessary to draw up a lease agreement. Before you sign such an agreement, you should first carefully study it. Despite the fact that the standard text of this type of contracts is no different from each other, but the conditions that various companies offer, on the contrary, can differ significantly.

Unlike the case of the sale of an apartment, when renting, they usually do not require a large package of documents and various certificates. The owner of the apartment must provide you only documents confirming his right to the property of this real estate. Such as: a certificate of state registration of ownership, as well as an agreement on the basis of which it was issued.

And in the event that real estate belongs to several owners at once, the presence or consent confirmed notarized from each owner is required. And the same consent is required from all family members prescribed in the apartment, since they also have every right to use this room. Such a list, registered in the apartment, can be checked by receiving an extract from the personal account in ZhEK.

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