How to redesign in the apartment

In the Criminal Code, since 2011, criminal liability has been established for illegal redevelopment of the apartment. Officially, the article sounds like this: intentional destruction or damage to housing and communal services. Such facilities of the economy in this article mean not only the housing stock, but also the objects of water supply, heat-supply, landscaping, as well as their components and networks. For illegal redevelopment, due to which the people around you suffered, or your redevelopment complicates the use of the house (for example, reducing the landing), then you are facing a fine of 100-250 non-taxable minimums, and possibly 3 years of conclusion. For the repetition of the same nature, the sentence of 3-8 years of prison provides. In the event that there are victims, or large material damage was caused (in the amount of more than a thousand non-taxable minimums)-the punishment will be the imprisonment of the lines of 5-12 years, with the confiscation of property.

In order for the redevelopment to be legal, you must first order its project, then coordinate it in different instances (fire service, gas workers, thermal engines), as well as collect voluntary signatures from the neighbors, for evidence that they share your enthusiasm for restructuring. If you yourself have completed such a procedure, then you will not be able to sell the apartment, you will not be able to bequeath it, it will become indispensable for delivery as a collateral to the bank, to obtain a loan. All this is because you will need a certificate or characteristic from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (they are also BTI), and such documents will not be issued to you if the apartment is redeveloped in the apartment. It is possible to get such documents only after fulfilling the requirements of the Housing Code, where you will be asked to return everything to the original state. The next time you want to demolish the wall, think well, and better read the rules for maintaining residential buildings and adjoining territories, because there you will find ways of legitimate restructuring of your home.

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