Why did the demand for finished houses fall: causes, consequences

Analytical Center for Opin conducted a small study and came to the conclusion that the country’s country of suburban real estate becomes closer in format plots without a contract. In 2013, about 80% of houses were released without a contract without a contract. 10% of the houses came out in the cottage segment, in the Townhouse segment, too, 10%. In addition, another 17 % is allotted for areas with the right to choose, when the buyer could choose with or without a contract. And only 12% made up plots with a contract and ready -made houses.

So now on the market cottage villages have become a rarity, and ready -made houses that are created through the Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 software, and completely with a deficiency. The last offer, according to experts, occupies no more than 5% in the modern market.

Beloers now also do not want to invest in long projects. They prefer to sell the Earth more, and not to output a certain architectural concept. A similar approach is considered a risk.

Despite such a limited offer, the cost of ready -made houses does not grow confidently upward. All because the demand for these houses is not too great now. So you can now purchase a house with land for about the same cost for which you can buy land and pay for further construction on it. For example, the cost of a cottage with a land plot of 10 acres is approximately 200 thousand dollars. And you can buy land on average for $ 6,500 per hundred. If we take into account the future construction, then the acquisition of land and the construction of the house will be a little more than 200 thousand dollars. So on such large sums this difference is almost not noticeable.

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