Capannina Inn: What is special in the hotel, pluses

Were in Thailand for the first time, so the hotel was chosen in advance, watched something inexpensive, but not wretched, stopped at Capannina Inn. I really want to help you decide on the hotel with my review, in other way, as adequate reviews helped me to decide on your choice. Frankly, it is not so easy to figure out all this. We eventually designed express Credit online.

The hotel is located on the second coastline. But this did not bother, to the shore was a stone’s throw. Frankly, I was even confused at first: a good beautiful territory, if you like hiking, then feel free to go here. Magnificent hotel, very comfortable and neat. Beautiful, clean and sincere. The time of return to the Capannina Inn hotel is not limited to, nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to warn at the reception about this.

About nutrition: we took only breakfast, t. To. there are so much tasty around, paradise for sweet tooth. In the restaurant, the food is diverse, tasty and in large quantities, but for my taste a little acute. Impresses the audience inherent in this hotel. Calm people. Friendly, funny, but without drunk parties. About the weather. There were some fears in the rains, however, the rain was seen a couple of times, but I dreamed of falling under real tropical rain. But it did not work. We were also absolutely satisfied with all excursions. They brought a bunch of impressions. We will be happy to visit the hotels of Caron more than once.

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