How to save and increase your deposits

The magazine “Our Money” is a full -color monthly publication created according to the highest standards of modern Russian journalism..The target audience of the publication – people who, as a rule, have income that allow you to make freedom of consumer choice, have modern views on life, love to ask questions and receive detailed answers. The main topics that excite the middle class representatives are financial services, insurance, real estate, new technologies, cars, career, health, food and rest – are presented in each room. For convenience, they are united in headings, the subject of which answers the questions:

1) how to save and increase?:- banking deposits;- investment funds;- trust management;- exchange game;- currency market;- investments in precious metals;- pension provision;- insurance services;- “exotic” investments;- insurance likbez;- investment arithmetic- general- general Likbez on investment.

2) where and how to take?:- consumer loans;- credit cards;- car loans;- credit cooperatives;- mortgage loans;- credit arithmetic- general educational program for debt management.

3) How to control?:- planning of the family budget;- tax planning;- financial services (current accounts, utility bills, money transfers);- Internet- and telephone banking;- software for home finance;- inheritance and gift issues.

4) how to make money?:- small business / your business;- career management;

5) how reasonable to spend?:- cars;- food and drinks;- rest and entertainment;- health;- books;- new technologies;

6) people and money:- interviews with famous personalities;- psychological aspects of people’s attitude to money;- consumer behavior;- stories of successful people who created popular local brands; we hope that in our journal everyone will find something for themselves: for themselves: for Someone can be useful tips on working in the stock market, someone will be able to choose a “right” loan, someone will see a guide to the action to change the profession, and someone will simply be able to purchase a bottle of good wine for the table.

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