Why investors began to invest in real estate Africa

Real estate in Africa is today a very attractive object for investment. And here it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to real estate in Kenya, since this country is one of the most developed on the “black” continent. The tourist infrastructure (the famous Safari, amazing in their beauty national parks), and if there are many tourists, it means to buy and real estate here.

Today, a construction boom is observed in Kenya, many migrants from many African countries come here, since the standard of living in Kenya is quite high. Mortgage lending is very developed, and lending conditions are more likely to be more similar to Russian than with European. The mortgage lending rate today reaches 15 percent. It is interesting that not only its citizens, but also foreign buyers can acquire housing in Kenya, which largely explains the popularity of Kenyan real estate among foreign.

I must say that in the capital of Kenya Nairobi a large number of modern comfortable real estate are being built. As for local real estate prices, the average transaction value ranges from 120 to 250 thousand dollars. The rental of comfortable apartments with a pool among tourists is popular, so it is beneficial for the existing real estate to rent, this can provide an income of up to 10 percent per year.

Buying housing in Moscow is not so easy. The bulk of the proposals for the purchase and sale of real estate comes from real estate agencies, and they set their price, which is often inflated. But the site sindom. ru will help find and buy an apartment directly from the owner.

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