JK Place – amazing hotel in the center of Florence

In the center of Florence on Santa Maria Novella is one of the most original and unique hotels – JK Place. This structure is located near the famous attractions of Florence. This hotel was designed by its owner on a special project. The atmosphere of past eras and modern simplicity combines here.

Items of today’s comfort in the design of this hotel can perfectly fit even into the most elaborate classic design. Modern comfort here is elegantly emphasized by the philosophical contradiction of modern and classics.

Each number is distinguished by its own comfort and solitude. There are fireplaces, collection of paintings, and flowers here. All this is emphasized by the unique home comfort, carefully created by the hotel staff. Dark floors, long corridors and original classic style, which allows you to add a special sophisticated luxury to the interior of the hotel.

The guests of the JK Place hotel, perhaps, will not be able to classify it to the standard type of hotels that we are used to seeing. It is easier to escape from everyday life here, plunging into the harmony of the situation and the originality of the interiors. A cozy home, which is carefully stored from the moment JK Place is created, attracts enough tourists every year, each of which remains an enthusiastic unsurpassed service and a pleasant atmosphere of life.

The original British style of the hotel is accompanied in everything – visitors are accepted by a registry located in an old library, which is represented by a black sphere stylized under the classic style of Britain. Breakfast guests are served in a special dining room represented by a glazed hall, in the center of which is a beautiful, giant table. In the buffet you can always find exquisite sweets, bread and wine.

A luxurious staircase, which amazes with its charm, leads to the upper floor where the rooms are located. It is on the second floor that all hotel rooms are located. Here the interior and color palette are changing – here the warmer shades and pastel colors are used. Cozy numbers invite guests in order to reward them with their light decor and free interior style. Special sophisticated chic is given to original interior items located in rooms.

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