Austrian real estate laws: what you need to know

Austria has federal lands, by the number of nine and each, there are its own legislation, which controls and regulates the rules for the purchase of real estate by citizens of other states. This is the reason that finding common main points and listing key legislative factors when selling is not possible. It all depends on the location of the non -movement, although it is safe to note the fact that the legislation in the lands located closer to Germany is much stricter than more remote.

Wherever real estate is acquired, regardless of which federal district, the process and conditions for concluding a real estate agreement, has its own clear and strict definition, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud and due to this ensures the legality of the entire transaction on the acquisition of real estate. When acquiring real estate in Austria, a foreign buyer does not need to have a special permit, permission is issued in confirmation of his full right when buying real estate and disposal of property. Austria authorities usually always support their local residents, this can cause the fact that when buying real estate in forest and agricultural areas, permission will be given to a local buyer than a foreigner, but this is if they are also not movable property claimed two people.

In other areas there is no such practice, only related to agriculture and forest lands. By and large, permission to purchase real estate in Austria is issued by social or national economic interest, it all depends on the person who is valid to purchase real estate, whether he expects to engage in business and bring income to the country or he is closely connected with this country and expects to move on permanent location. The deadlines for obtaining permission are different, the minimum period will force me to wait 2 or 3 months.

Due to the fact that in Austria it is not customary to resolve issues of a legal nature himself, the best choice will be to contact a specialist who is engaged in legal issues for the purchase or sale of real estate, which will provide the buyer with high -quality and timely assistance in this process. For example, in Vienna to acquire real estate will not be difficult and will not take much time, since it is not included in the category of agricultural regions.

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