Features of the acquisition of suburban real estate

Now there are more and more Muscovites, including indigenous people, as well as residents of large cities of Russia, who are becoming closely living with their parents, as well as with their brothers and sisters, and it also happens that with their families, in Soviet houses, They are wondering what is better: rent a house or purchase suburban real estate. It so happened that a sharply bursting financial crisis, overnight, destroyed all plans and dreams of acquiring his own apartment. And if earlier, most of the city’s inhabitants dreamed of their own comfortable apartment with all the amenities, which could be near the place of work, now the lack of money, as well as confidence in the future, is increasingly pushing to look for other options, and one of them is the acquisition of suburban real estate.

As a rule, rent a country house with a convenient location, it is much more profitable than renting an apartment. And one of the advantages is that there is much more space in the house, such as the attic, the summer veranda, the attic, and accordingly, there are more places where you can remove, for example, large -sized items, not seasonal clothes, children’s toys and other objects, which are not often used in everyday life. Also, in addition to the low cost of this option, there are many other positive aspects. Also, this is the approximation of nature, environmentally friendly air, the ability to collect berries and mushrooms that will help to diversify your family table, as well as the ability to independently grow root crops, herbs and vegetables.

Also, do not forget that the cost of such sites directly depends on the location and on different directions of the highway. For example, the cheapest real estate will be in the direction – Gorky, Ryazan, Kashirsky and Yegoryevsky, and if you are going to go to work in Moscow daily, you will have to spend a huge amount of time in traffic jams, since in each of these directions a very lively movement.

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