Features of the house in the form of an elephant: layout, design

We have repeatedly talked about how to diversify gray construction and create an original house. There are a lot of individualization methods, but some objects impress us so hard that they should not only write about them – they should show them, they need to be surprised.

The source of inspiration, as a rule, consists in nature – in its phenomena, its creations, in it itself. So it happened with this house, which is located at the village of Ostrovtsy, which is on the Novorazansky highway. A house of rather strange shape was erected here for a long time. Only at the end of the construction it became clear that this is not an alien base or a monument, but simply a very original house: a house in the form of an elephant.

This time we will not consider building methods or talk about new and old building materials, and do not even mention how certain work is performed during repair or construction with our own hands. We just consider the house from different sides, marvel at the uniqueness of the building itself and imagination (well, skill, of course, is not so easy to create something like that) of its builders.

So, it is not immediately clear how many floors in this house. The windows are located so that the light is received 2 floors, but there is still quite a lot of space left on top of the second floor, where the third floor can be located. Elephant-domino has a trunk, eyes (although they can be noticed only thanks to coloring), as well as tusks. All this has quite natural forms. It is interesting that the house is built, presumably, from foam block or cinder block. This once again confirms what is said about almost every building material – the capabilities of this material are limited exclusively by your imagination.

The house is fenced with a brick fence, which is why it seems that this concrete elephant is standing in the aviary. Of course, the building attracts a lot of attention and causes an involuntary smile and long surprise.

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