On what grounds a mortgage is issued in France

France treats foreigners well and willingly provide them with a loan. Since all legal relations that foreign citizens in France enter into the national regime. Therefore, both France citizens and foreigners have almost the same amount of rights and obligations. Mortgage in France is issued to everyone who wants to invest in the acquisition of French real estate. Moreover, a mortgage can be obtained by coming, directly to the financial institution of France, or without even leaving its country, only by contacting a credit institution that is in your state of interests of France.

A mortgage loan in France is issued on the following grounds: interest rate-4% per annum, loan is issued in the euro, and is provided for a period of 7-25 years. The maximum amount that can be taken on credit is up to 80% of the price of real estate, and for foreigners – from 50 to 70%. The credit application will be considered within one month. In order to submit an application for a loan, it is necessary to provide a copy of the passport to the bank, an income certificate for the last three months, data from the tax over the previous two years.

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