How the service for daily rental service is developing

In the city of Ukhta, a service for daily rental of apartments is gradually developing. Daily apartments, compared with hotels, offer a wider selection of location in the city and provide real estate addresses at different points in the city. This service is at the hotel level, and, renting a home for a day, you can get the same services that are provided in hotels.

The service includes booking for the right period, car rental and client support to the airport or station. In such housing, regular cleaning of the room, linen, garbage removal, etc. are carried out. D. Ukhta apartment hotels are officially registered and have all the necessary documentation to issue accounts to organizations. Therefore, no receipts for reporting are needed.

I take a home is very convenient for visiting families with children or guests who have pets, in addition, such a choice can significantly save money, since the price of daily rent is not dependent on the number of people who will live in the apartment.

It is worth noting that there are no restrictions for guests, for example, hotels are allowed to receive visitors before the agreed time. And in the daily housing the client decides to when you receive guests. In addition, here the client has his own kitchen and a full set of dishes with all kitchen equipment. Therefore, the client can independently choose a menu in the apartment and save his budget.

This service also offers housing for a day for the newlyweds, which are much more comfortable than hotel rooms. In addition, a separate apartment makes it possible to connect to the Internet.

There are two types of rents by which you can rent a dwelling in Ukhta – this is a day and monthly. This service gives more advantages to the client compared to hotels. The client does not have to take the keys before leaving. Daily rental housing in this city is cheaper. The price of a dwelling in Ukhta per day depends on the location, area of ​​the apartment, its condition, quality of repair and internal situation.

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