The main components of the operational costs of low -rise buildings

Familiar picture: wherever you look, everywhere a high -rise building. Many apartments, and neighbors from below, from above, from the side. In the courtyards, traffic jams. The courtyards are paved, clogged to the stops of parked cars. Today’s mass desire to leave the captivity of faceless high -rise buildings resembles a recent mass desire to escape from dying villages with dilapidated huts and get your own new apartment in the city.

An uneconomical low -story more and more people are thinking about life in their own home, communicating with nature, freedom, the opportunity to feel living land, stepping on it with a barefoot foot, the presence of some free space near the house. But, unfortunately, such a “luxury” is not everyone can afford. And this is a significant barrier for many Russians.

The main components of operating costs are associated with costs for overhaul and heating. To produce high -quality heating of the cottage, energy will be required 3, or even 5 times more, compared with heating an apartment equal to it in area, taking into account that the external walls will be equally high -quality. In the heating room of heat loss, which are reimbursed by heating devices, correspond to the surface area of ​​external enclosing structures, or rather, roofs, external walls and basements. There are four outer walls in the simplest cottage, as well as the area of ​​the roof and the basement. In the most simple (one -room) apartment, there is only one outer wall. There are warm neighboring apartments on the other three sides, and through them there is no their own heat loss, there are no them from the side of the upper neighbors (like a roof in the cottage) and the lower neighbors (like a basement). Almost the same is characteristic of the cost of major repairs, since first of all it is necessary to repair the external enclosing structures, for example, engineering equipment, roof. In the cottage, you have to pay for everything yourself.

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