Amazing and hardworking wooden Kolomensky Palace

In the XVII century, the center of the ensemble of the estate becomes the wooden Kolomensky palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The watercolors and engravings depicting the Kolomna Palace, and, most importantly, the model, made in 1865-1868, has survived. A. Smirnov in Cao of Real. Created more than 100 years ago, it is restored and exhibited in the History of Palace Construction History. Together with drawings and drawings, this model allows you to make a fairly complete idea of ​​the architecture of the palace.

The palace was built according to the ancient traditional principle of the “choir structure”. A free, asymmetric composition made it similar to a fairy tale town, consisting of separate teremks of different heights with different decoration. When the palace bypass the spectator, all the time changing, new views on the palace buildings.

I will introduce you to the course. In the interior of the premises of the XVII century, modern design tricks were rarely used. Each architect managed to figure out the interior in its ustesis, but now it would be just an extra waste of time. After following the link:

The basis of each tower was an ordinary cage, folded from the crowns of logs, – peasant huts were also built. A massive basement had small square windows; The second, residential, floor was cut out by high “red” windows with elegant carved platbands. Over the second floor, light attics rose, surrounded by through galleries and crowned with roofs of various shapes: tent, cube, barrel -shaped, bulbous. Teremks were connected by transitions and galleries into a single complex. The internal premises of the palace were small, in numerous (the palace had 270 rooms and about 3 thousand windows), which also affected the traditions of Russian folk architecture. The most extensive premises in the eastern part of the palace were occupied by the chambers of the king. The center was located in the center. Small Teremks under double tents belonged to the prince and princesses.

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