“Defense House”: what is, differences

As the inhabitants of Tyumen, they probably know that one of the oldest city districts is the “defense house”, it used to be called the “Yamskaya Sloboda”, but a little later it began to be called “Zamytyumenka”, after the last name this area was considered very decent, lived There are almost only doctors, officials, merchants and several other respected specializations of people.

When the construction of DOSAAFA ended on the facade building placed a large inscription “House of Defense”, of course this name was not official and it was enshrined in all areas.

The area of ​​the Defense House in Tyumen was quite closely erected from the historical center of the city, the connection with it occurs through the river called Tyumen, the long road leads to the most popular church in the city. At the moment, this area is in great demand among buyers, many people who want to buy a house in the very center of the city, also consider the option of buying an apartment in the area of ​​the Defense House.

I would like to note the rhinestone that an excellent transport interchange has been laid to this house, it will not be difficult to get to this town, since there are practically no traffic jams on the roads. Passing through a ruff of the bridge from the construction center, you can get to this historical monastery in five minutes, you can get to the station on a direct road called the trademark, from the ring road of the Defense House, you can get to the airport or by the bypass road, from which you can then go to any other area.

It is worth noting that the infrastructure in this area is developing quite well: there are 5 schools, 7 kindergartens, a large number of different circles and sections for any taste, there are even its own hippodrome, clinics, banks, large shops, agricultural and construction academies.

Let’s talk a little about the cost of living in the “Defense House”. There are quite a few old five -story houses in the area, there are also boarding houses. But the most interesting and perhaps the main thing is that the development began with new buildings. Residential apartments are built quite a large area T, respectively, the price of them increases, prices can be practically compared with prices in the very center of the city.

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