What is a suburban housing of economy class

Economic-class suburban housing is currently not developing as possible as it should, therefore, there is an increase in the demand for housing for this category in the real estate market. Developers and investors are interested in building economies of the economy class, because the analysis of the housing market shows high demand in this segment. Now suburban housing in economy-cathegoria is the most scarce throughout the country’s real estate market. Currently, the economy class also began to appear duplexes, in addition to Townhaus and individual small cottages.

When buying economy class housing, as a rule, buyers attract borrowed funds, despite its relatively low cost. Thus, mortgage lending is developing, which is very different from lending in the field of urban real estate. Although now the gap in the amount of the initial contributions and interest is already reduced, and the attractiveness of the land near Moscow is maintained.

According to experts, now the share of all the villages of economy-class in proposals in the field of suburban real estate is only 15%, and, mostly, this is housing with Townhaus. It is the towerhai that are one of the cheapest objects in suburban construction. And, alas, good villages with inexpensive cottages in the market of suburban housing are practically absent, while the demand for economy-class villages has already grown to 50%. The fact is that investors are not very in a hurry to make investments in this segment of housing – so far it is considered to be an unprofitable industry. But, since the demand for economical suburban housing is growing, we should expect an increase in the rate of its construction along with investment attractiveness.

A good example of a suburban village in the economy-class is Clover Park, which is located in the direction of the Novorizhskoye Shosse only 65 km from Moscow, t. e. on an hour drive from the city. There is a good environmental situation and inexpensive land for construction. The village of Clever Park itself is 65 sections in size of up to 13 acres with excellent views of the surrounding nature, as well as already drawn power lines, roads. The gas pipeline is planned.

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