Criteria for choosing a land plot: what to pay attention to

So, you decided to build your home. Where should you start in this case? What will be the first step by the start of construction? Firstly, before building a house, it is necessary to decide on the choice of a suitable site for construction. It is necessary to choose a plot with all the scrupulousness and very carefully, so that after a few years it did not turn out that your built house, in which you invested a lot of time and money, is in the category of “self -building” and is subject to demolition.

Therefore, before choosing a land plot, consider several important factors:

1) be sure to get acquainted with the documents for your acquired land;

2) make sure that the seller has title documents for this site;

3) Find out, this section is not the subject of the dispute in some court instances.

And remember that a prerequisite for the purchase and sale of the land is cadastral registration. In this regard, before buying a plot, make sure that your land plot belongs to the land cadastra of the settlement where you decided to purchase your plot. You can get the data of the land cadastre if you contact the local self -government body. Having written an appropriate application for the desire to receive data on a particular land plot, local self -government bodies must consider and satisfy your request. You can choose land on the Yaroslavl highway on the site . You should also know what should be contained in the cadastral plan of the site. Firstly, there should be information about the location of the site. Secondly, the boundaries of the site should be indicated there, as well as a category of land to which the site includes. The land plot must have a cadastral number.

And choosing a land plot for yourself to remember that not every plot can be suitable for building a house. Therefore, carefully read the documents and characteristics of the site, and you will find what you were looking for.

What should be the optimal house?

There are no prescribed norms in the legislation about what the relationship between the area of ​​the cottage and the personal plot should be, but there are norms setting the distance between the buildings, the distance to the road and the reservoir. It is difficult to develop a plan in which all the norms and distances between all objects will be taken into account, but all the same it is real.

Advantages of life outside the city

In Russia, the Taunhauses have not gained proper popularity, but in Europe and the United States, this type of housing has been built for almost two centuries. Of course, in Russia, Townhai has acquired a slightly different meaning and purpose. So, if they are built abroad in the city, then we have mainly outside the city. In Moscow, the real estate market offers a large assortment of Townhouse options, so finding a good house is not difficult. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of residence in Townhaus.

Demand for country houses in the suburbs

Previously, Muscovites with their own suburban site or cottage had a tendency to see the weekend there, and work on the beds was one of the favorite classes of the inhabitants of Moscow. This may indicate blanks of fruits and vegetables prepared for the whole winter, or completely filled electric boards.

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