What is meant by the functionality of the building

When drawing up the project of a residential apartment, school, hospital, theater and the like buildings of residential, educational or social nature, the very name of the future building gives the builder a sufficient orientation to solve the general direction of the issue, since purposefulness, the functionality of these buildings are well known and judge the satisfactory decision of such The tasks of a little league not every citizen is available – their general working diagram is familiar to everyone, and it exists; Violation of the vectority of the general working diagram would catch the eye of any uninitiated as special issues to a citizen.

For example, in the hospital building, according to the foregoing basic position, both general and private working diagrams should be established by specialists of this case; Therefore, if we entered the hospital building, in which we would get into the wards directly from the front door, then we would have to recognize a violation of the general working diagram here, since there should not be direct access from the street in the hospital wards without compulsory passage through control and pass, which premises in the working diagram should be delivered, counting from the front door, earlier. Sometimes the door can jam, then it is necessary to use the “opening of the doors” service, from qualified specialists.

If we consider the department of any diseases for the workshop, then in the general working diagram in the order of mandatory alternation in a special production conditions, the place of this department should be indicated among other separate frequent hospital, as an institution or enterprise. The department may consist of several premises, the mutual location and the functional relationship between which should be established by the private working diagram of this department.

Such a private working diagram and all sorts of deviations from it, as more highly specialized issues, are less lended to capturing citizens and can only be found by the same specialist as the person who constituted a private working diagram as a task for the builder when designing the building of the hospital.

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