How to build a country house on a land plot

It is impossible to plan the construction of a house without preliminary choice of a land plot. The acquisition of land for development is associated with the adoption of several responsible decisions. It is necessary not only to choose a beautiful place, but also to take into account the issues of documentary execution, especially the very possibility of construction.

In some cases, the law limits the right to build plots, the right to use sewage sewers, it will be necessary to separately decide the issue of connecting to electric networks.

The first task is to determine the area of ​​the site. The optimal ratio of the land area and the structure located on it is 1: 10. If the house occupies a hundred square meters of area, then the plot should have an area of ​​at least ten acres, which is explained by the characteristics of the real estate market – this ratio determines the greatest liquidity of the structure, which means its cost also.

In addition to determining the cost, it is necessary to find out the features of the geology of the area, the surrounding conditions, access roads and the presence of a fairly close infrastructure.

Preliminary problems should be solved comprehensively, so those who turn to realtors for advice and search and purchase of land are very reasonable.

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