Is it possible to buy a concrete factory in property

The acquisition of the plant for the production of concrete can be carried out with the aim of making profits from the sale of concrete in the construction market, as well as with the aim of increasing profitability at the expense of their own production for large construction enterprises. This market segment offers several options: stationary or mobile concrete plants, as well as rapidly vested concrete factories, dry mixtures and other additional equipment for the manufacture of concrete.

Depending on the options for execution, configuration and power, the price of a concrete plant varies from 4.5 million rubles and above… A stationary concrete plant is a system of equipment consisting of stationary typical modules installed on the foundation. The plant can be installed in the workshop or on the construction site. The installation and commissioning period is 7-10 days. The price of a concrete plant of this type is set from 4.4 million rubles. The mobile concrete plant is assembled by car chassis and moves between objects in the form of a overall trailer. Used in road works, as well as in construction work in hard -to -reach places. Installation time – several hours. The cost of such a plant starts at 7.2 million rubles. The rapidly vegetable concrete plant is mounted on a single frame, into which the full complex of equipment for the production of concrete is written off. Mounted in 1-2 days. Has a cost of 5.1 million rubles.

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