What percentage in the market is the construction of low -rise buildings

The construction of low -rise buildings among new buildings occupies 4.6% of the total market.

From the position of putting real estate in the districts in the areas, the leading places in St. Petersburg are occupied by Primorsky and Vyborg districts (38.1%). Further on the proposals are Moscow, Nevsky, Petrograd, Krasnoselsky districts, which distributed new buildings among themselves within 8% – 10% each. The smallest construction of facilities is carried out in the Kirov and Admiralty districts (2.3% and 0.9%, respectively).

In the sales market, the average price for one -room apartments has changed by minus 0.2%. On two -room – change by minus 0.5%. Three -room apartments increased in price by 2.2%.

The average list of prices for the above types of apartments as of July 2012 is: one -room – 3.3 million rubles. two -room – 4.9 million rubles. three -room – 7.6 million rubles.

The highest price per square meter in new buildings remains in one -room apartments, regardless of the type of house. The price of one square in July 2017 is 83-84 thousand. rub.

The lowest price of one square falls on three -room apartments in panel houses (64.7 thousand. rub.)

In the demand table in the housing market at the end of July 2017, taking into account the type of house and its building area, 1 indoor apartments in the Primorsky district of G. Petersburg (average price – 3.1 million rubles.).

1- and 2-room apartments in the Vyborg district with price borders up to 2.7 and up to 4.7 million rubles are not far behind the sales market. respectively.

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