When you need to privatize housing: Reasons

Often, residents of non -privatized apartments believe that they can be freely disposed of: to give, to inherit it is an erroneous opinion. The apartment belongs to the state, and you can even exchange it only with the consent of the municipality. Therefore, neither sell, nor give, nor lay, nor bequeath this apartment you cannot! This privilege is available only to owners! But not everything is so simple! If the house is recognized as emergency and resettlement faces resettlement, municipalities will receive a new living space, according to the norms, but alas, they will not be able to choose the area. Owners, in the same circumstances, will only receive compensation for the apartment and the cost of moving. They will not be able to improve housing conditions. Another situation: older people living in municipal apartments cannot pass them by their relatives, but, having privatized, often they are not able to pay for the service of their living space. Of course, if this is a lonely person, then it is not worth privatizing the apartment, in the consequence it will still depart the state.

If you have someone to bequeath your property, it is better to privatize it. If your house is recognized as emergency if the living space is in a specialized or departmental housing stock – it cannot be privatized. Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to privatization. It can be realized only once in a life. Privatization is subject to apartments and rooms that are in shared or sole property of citizens, including minors and recognized as incompetent. Privatization is carried out with the consent of all family members living on this area, or their legal representatives.

By law, paperwork should be made within two months, from the date of submission of a full package of documents and the payment of state duty. In the event that you are already the owner of the apartment and for some reason you decided to return it to the property of the state, deprive, consider that this will not give you the right to re -privatization of this or any other living space.

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